Serengeti® Eyewear national Polar PhD Rx program

Choices, all of them superior
The Serengeti Eyewear National Sun Rx program offers a wide range of custom choices, from single vision to progressive lenses, with the same high level of craftsmanship and technology that Serengeti is renowned for.

Only the finest technology
All Serengeti lenses are photochromic and are available in polarized and non-polarized glass and Polar PhD. We employ only the very best polarization, photochromic and Spectral Control® technologies. Serengeti partners with Carl Zeiss Vision, an industry leader in Polar PhD Rx lens development and processing, to offer authentic Serengeti glass Polar PhD Rx lenses and the new Polar PhD™ lens.

Serengeti photochromic Polar PhD Rx lenses, available in polarized and non-polarized, utilize a new material tinting and casting process called "confined tint." Unlike other tinted photochromic lenses, this patent-pending technology allows the placement of the photochromic dyes in the front surface of the semi-finished lens. The polarized film is positioned closer to the front surface of the lens, providing a center thickness of just 1.4mm, thinner than any other prescription polarized lens on the market.

Serengeti photochromic Polar PhD Rx lenses are made with Trivex® material and provide many advantages. These optically superior lenses adjust rapidly to changing light conditions and are lightweight and impact resistant, making them perfect for any activity � driving, walking, biking, golfing, sailing, hiking.

Carl Zeiss Vision is the exclusive supplier of Serengeti Polar PhD Rx lenses. Carl Zeiss Vision uses a patented platform of customized progressive lenses and proprietary single vision processing. The results are clear � optical superiority, with customized frame and lens options, UV protection, and authenticity.

Contact your Eye Care Professional (ECP) for more information. ECPs may contact Carl Zeiss Vision at 866-926-5537 for program details.

Lens technology

Single Vision
Your eye care professional can show you why Serengeti is the world's best prescription sunglass lens, and help you find the style that's right for you.

Progressive free form
Using the latest technology, Serengeti Polar PhD Rx Progressives lenses are available in Free Form technology.

This technology:

  • combines advanced customization with patented wrap optics experience
  • fully customized for every Polar PhD Rx (sphere, cyl, axis and prism) and every frame
  • includes the wearer's prescription
  • offers specific frame choice
  • offers full surface optimization for frame wrap angle
  • delivers up to 40% larger clear fields of view
  • provides high performance 6-base and 8-base designs
  • is customized for up to 30� frame wrap
Rx Program